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The production line of common open leveling machine

Short Description:

The main raw material of the unit is strip steel, which is cut off by electric discharging frame, forming machine, straightening device and fixed length cutting device (numerical control type); The steel strip to be processed is manually placed on the discharging rack by forklift or crane. After manual tightening, the raw materials are manually sent into the roll forming machine for automatic continuous forming, and then the required workpiece size is input through the touch screen to realize the continuous production of door frames with different lengths.

Product Detail

Product Tags

* Equipment function

It is used for straightening and leveling of door plate

* Production process

Feeding → positioning → leveling → hydraulic cutting off → conveying → blanking

* Technical parameter

Model  NCM-1300
Feed Flatness  0.6-1.0 mm
Shear length accuracy  ± 1
Leveling accuracy  ± 1
Leveling speed  10-15m / min
Discharging weight  8-10t
Straightening roll diameter  15 rolls (chrome plating)
Total power  3-10KW
Main purpose  facade leveling


This product is a customized product, according to customer requirements processing and production, equipment color according to customer requirements.

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